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Kicking Off the Dust of 2016

2016 was not a terrible year for me over all.  I got a new job which is helping my bank accounts go up rather than down.  Health is good.  Wrapped up Tomato Slices.  Found a new karaoke place.  Connected and reconnected with some people.  Dirk Gently is awesome, and Rogue One had some good points.

It's hardly been all good.  My gandmother died, but honestly watching her health decline in 2015 was worse.  She was ready to go, so I have peace about that.  Harder, my friend and Living Single on Minimum Wage cowriter lost his father this year, and fellow author Turner French died.  Chances are you haven't heard of him, but he was in my writing group.  I had the dubious honor of making the event known to his facebook friends.

I've been slowly taking care of little things.  My art/writing has stalled a bit, which bothers me.  This is the only design I've done since April (yipes):

I did start editing/writing on the Before the Fairytale set again in November.  My editor is taking a swing at the third book, and I'm working on the fourth (which may end up getting bundled with book 3 if it's as short as I suspect it will be) .

I had planned to try to get back on the horse and do more conventions next year.  But I'm starting to get a little frustrated with vehicle issues (it's running just not sure I trust it out of state), so I may take this year off and get a second job or something to refill the coffers...or just try to get back into a steady writing/drawing habit...maybe join a gym.

Based on things which again happened in 2015 (man that year sucked) but dragged through to this year, I've been having a bit of existential crisis about the future of Amoeba Ink.  I started the company for specific projects that seem to have fallen through or at least put on infinite hold, so part of me feels like I've wasted a lot of time.

At the same time, I haven't exactly run out of projects to work on, so I'm going to think things over before doing anything dramatic.  Hopefully 2017 will see a lot of good happen.


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