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Let Us Mourn the Passing of The Cartoon Network Fanportal on Cafepress
Chapter 3 of Seven and 13 is now available on Fictionpress.

So the Cafepress fan portal ended on March 30th, and Cafepress announced it's ending on the shopkeeper forum on March 30th.  I found out by having over 200 designs placed on "pending" status with an e-mail telling me my recently uploaded art (most of which had been up for years) was a potential copyright violation.  I've expressed my displeasure to Cafepress for the complete lack of warning, and hope I've impressed to them that they probably lost sales because of it.

I'm really bummed, because I had been hoping the new Samurai Jack series was going to give me a sales boost.  (It's good so far, but much darker.  Not for young kids.)

That and quarterly taxes is mostly what I've been dealing with this past week.

I'm stuck in the same Catch 22 as many introverted writers.  I know marketing isn't my strong point and need to delegate somehow, but because marketing isn't my strong point, I don't have the funds to pay someone to market for me.  I did try some advertising last year but didn't see enough return for the money I spent.  So need to shift my approach.


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